WASC - World Airline Sailing Championship


WASC Event would be held on 19th-23rd June 2023 in Turku and organised by Finnair. 

Turku is one of the biggest cities in Finland, located in West by the sea. It’s about 160km from the Helsinki airport and easy to reach by bus from the Helsinki airport or by train from the Helsinki City... or by a ferry from Stockholm. 

Boat would be 606, a small keel boat for 2-3 men crew. Unfortunately we don’t know the team fee or cost of the sailing part just yet. 

Hotel is a nice spa hotel in Ruissalo, and we would all fit in there. I’ll give you the reservation code later on…  

Classic room for is 112€/night/room.
Classic room for one 105€ /night/room
Superior room for two 132€ /night/room,
with possibility to add an extra bed for 30€ /night.  



Ben je een WVS schipper en wil je graag meedoen?
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Vind je het leuk om te komen kijken en het KLM team aan te moedigen?
Je bent ook van harte welkom.

Hartelijke zeilersgroet,                
Arjen van Mil